Monographs, offprints and references

You can search the Museum's library catalogue here (as at 14 February 2021).
The database contains 23,556 records of monographs, offprints, and references to articles in books and periodicals.
It does not include serials. To search serials, use the second database (below).

If an Accession Number (Accn_Num) is shown, the record is a monograph or offprint.
If no Accession Number is shown, or the number is preceded by "Ref", the record is a reference. The number following "Ref" is the accession number of the "parent" volume which contains the article or chapter shown in the reference.
The source of offprints and references is shown following a / at the end of the title.
Truncated titles end with \\.

The databases cover both the Loan and Reference Libraries. Each physical copy of a book has its own record, so some titles are duplicated.

Shelf-Subject: Shelving is in three broad subjects: B = Buildings ; E = Environment (eg local and social history, agriculture, crafts, arts, biographies) ; M = Museums & Heritage Sites (eg guide books, management, Weald & Downland Museum publications). Sub-divisions of the three broad subjects are given by a numerical code, and you can see a full list of the codes in this PDF: Subject codes.
Dissertations have the code "DIS" in Shelf-Subject.
We also hold the library of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers, the contents of which are identified by "WCP" as their Shelf Subject. These books are kept in the Gridshell Artefacts Store, not the main library, but they are accessible on request.
Shelf-Name: Within each subject the books are shelved alphabetically by Shelf-Name. Usually this is the author's surname or the responsible organisation, but in some cases it is the geographical location. Only the first six letters are given on this website.

Library catalogue

 ID   Accn_Num   Statement of Responsibility   Title   Year   Shelf-Subject   Shelf-Name 
15026Fred. Aldsworth et alProfessional archaeology in Sussex : the next five years1985E/61.0Aldswo
25037C A BarringtonForestry in the Weald1968E/18Forest
43854Walter W Budgen and Walter H GodfreyWilmington priory and "The Long Man"1938B/26Wilmin
512294H Cescinsky and E R GribbleWood carving : staircases, windows, ceilings, panelling1922B/06.0Cescin
93825H Cescinsky and E R GribbleChurch screens1922B/07.1Cescin
125036edited by Herbert L EdlinForestry practice1964E/18Edlin,
134965Antoine Gardner, Marc Grodwohl La Maison paysanne du Sundgau1979B/22Gardne
154922W G Hoskins and H G StokesChilterns to Black Country1951E/15Englan
165235Ian C HannahTrimmers Pond : now known as Trimmers1977B/22Hannah
17516Lord HarlechIllustrated regional guides to ancient monuments : Southern England : II1952E/62.0Harlec
1812049Charlotte HaslamThe Landmark Trust : profile?B/10.0Haslam
194960R Hellier ; S MoorhouseMedieval agricultureE/17.1Hellie
305795Philip HughesThe need for old buildings to 'breathe'1986B/10.0Hughes
337889T KellySlating1851B/05.62Kelly,
413652Ministry of WorksPlumbing1944WCPMinist
425138Much Wenlock and District Tourist AssociationMuch Wenlock tourist guide1985E/15Shrops
448284edited by I R Pattison, D S Pattison & N W AlcockA bibliography of vernacular architecture : Volume III 1977-19891992B/00.2Pattis
474451Arthur T PlewisFifty years as a village wheelwright, undertaker etc at High Halstow, Rochester, KentE/56Plewis
485441I P PresslySome notes on the Judges' Lodging1945B/22North
505016Elfyn ScourfieldCollecting farm implements1985E/33.0Scourf
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Use this database to search for serials. It contains 7,832 records.


 ID   Accn_Num   TITLE   Year   VOL   NUM 
2662546Institute of Wood Science Journal197775 (issue 41)
47946908Scottish Vernacular Building Group News19784
83248329Garden History1992201
83328324BAFM Yearbook1988
83338323BAFM Yearbook1990
83348321Regional Furniture Journal19926
83428250Garden History1991192
1227910189Architectural Conservation Journal199843
1228010188Architectural Conservation Journal199951
1228111976Architectural Conservation Journal199952
1228213014Architectural Conservation Journal199953
1228312279Architectural Conservation Journal200061
1228412511Architectural Conservation Journal200062
1228512574Architectural Conservation Journal200171
1228612841Architectural Conservation Journal200172
1244714763Archaeologia Cantiana2003123
124529454Vernacular Architecture199223
124569453Vernacular Architecture199324
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